Giancarlo Wins Best Oyster at Morro Bay Oyster Festival


For the first annual Oyster Festival in Morro Bay, Giancarlo demonstrates his culinary prowess and wins first place for Best Tasting Oyster. Giancarlo’s Champagne and Caviar oyster won over the likes of famous food critics such as … and …, both of who sat on the judging panel.

The festival was a great success and the Giancarlos crew couldn’t be more pleased with how the event unfolded: Central Coast weather at it’s finest; a rocking booth; and thousands of people enjoying food and beverage from local businesses. Giancarlo looks forward to next year.

“Giancarlo quote goes right here”.
– Giancarlo, Oyster Festivial 2012

Epicurian Delight fun


Ciao. Went to Epicurian delight this weekend and it was a blast. So happy. Couldn’t have had more fun. We won and they lost.